The historic 1st Leader's Summit in Canada ended on a high note. and has set the bar for upcoming great events in the district. Saturday, March 18th, started with the Family Devotion held at the PMCC (4th Watch) of Ottawa. Ptr. Isabel Obsanga, head pastor of PMCC (4th Watch) Sydney delivered the message which included her experiences on how prayer and trusting to God can change and lead us towards Him. After a hearty breakfast, the delegates convened one more time for the awarding and recognition. Caroling goal reachers, soul winners, highest thanksgiving givers, summit committees and the event's speakers were given appreciation and recognition for their efforts. Before everyone departed, Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol conducted a meeting that gave useful instructions and guidelines about ministerial growth and advancement. This year's Leaders Summit has truly equipped everyone in attendance. Pastors, workers and elders alike benefitted so much in this 3-day event. It paved the way for much greater things that God will bestow in Canada. (A. de Vera)

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