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OCTOBER 306PM (PST) | 8PM (CST) 9PM (EST) NOVEMBER 110AM (CET) | 1PM (GST)5PM (MNL) Featuring the pulpit ministry of music from dove award winning christian artists where to watch surerword LIFETV ASIA tv beam & Sky cable ch. 44


Join the PMCC (4th Watch) of Toronto’s 27th Church anniversary.


july 22-26, 2020 LIVESTREAM PROGRAM REGISTER NOW SPEAKERS This year, we unite together as Firebrands under one banner -to echo the cause of Jesus, to express the calling that we have received through the ministry of the Apostle, to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and equip ourselves in witnessing to our peers. This summer, we will Amplify for …

Impact 2020

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Passion 2020

In commemoration of the life of Jesus who embraced the pain and suffering that is intended for us. For our sake He carried the cross, suffered and died so that through His blood we received salvation. Featuring last year’s production of the theatrical ministry of PMCC 4th Watch Toronto – Passion Play and the Word of God to be delivered …